Friday, April 10, 2009

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My blog has moved. Here is the link.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are the one to make the move

I’m gonna tell you a little story. This is an incident which someone I know has faced. He doesn’t like to being mentioned by his real name. So let’s call him JV right?

One day he was waiting for a bus at a bus halt. It was a busy time so the halt was crowded and the road was full of vehicles. And JV was desperate to get a bus because he was late for his class. Suddenly there came a bunch of cyclists who were training for the cycling season which was drawing closer. And right at that moment an old man who seemed like a beggar had wanted to cross the road. So it happened. Old man was at the middle of the road when the first cyclist hit him. CRASH..!!! Both of them fell on the road and were followed by the other cyclists because their brakes failed stopping them that quick. I’ve already told you that they came as a bunch. So they were lying on the road, moaning in pain. This happened few yards away from the bus halt. The entire crowd who were there shocked but was staring at them. It was a morning so we can imagine the reason for their reluctance. They all were people who were leaving for their working places and they didn’t need to be late. So no one made the move but my friend did. Despite being late to the class he went there, helped them to get up and removed cycles from the road to let the vehicles which were blocked there to go.

All the time plenty of people are there who need our help. And a lot of people are always there who can help but most of them never do. And the people who feel like helping are reluctant to make the first move at most of the times. They think it’s better to let someone to come and help first (sometimes you would have experienced incidents like this)

So these are the times which a simple action can do a lot. And it’s our responsibility to help them out.

You are the one who can make the move. So that the others will follow you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Existing without vitality

Sun comes up
and races towards the horizon
time’s got wings
never thinks about a bit slowing down

hands are moving
rupees* are floating
those will fall on the ground
if you slow down

eyes are distracted
people are chasing the mirage
dark circles can’t stop them
which are around their eyes

I’m existing
without a sense of vitality
running feet tread me
but heart’s still beating
with warm hopes…..

Rupee*= currency unit of Sri Lanka

Friday, January 30, 2009


whacked eyes and wetted cheeks

tattered clothes and naked feet

that’s all he’s got on this earth

which made him a beggar at your feet

neither parents to kiss him good night

nor any friends who can share his tears

that’s why he’s begging at your feet

what on earth make you pass him by

but remember a thing as you pass

one day hell’s gonna be jam packed

your filthy souls gonna see the pain

for the reason that you turned your back on others pain

see the woman sitting corner of the street

a baby is lying on her wafer thin hands

pain is not new to the swollen eyes

which have cried a river for the sake of life

shrunken breasts are saying a sad story

there’s no any milk to wet lips of her baby

while you parting at birth of your baby

what on earth make you pass her by

but remember a thing as you pass

one day hell’s gonna be jam packed

your filthy souls gonna burn in pain

for the reason that you turned your back on others pain

Friday, January 23, 2009

Life is awesome

“Life is awesome.” I see this simple sentence as the status message of one of my closest comrades’. “Yeah it is always”. That’s what my mind says when I see it.

See the sun who kisses the earth with his golden rays and see the flowers and trees which come into life when he kissed them. See the great green waters which hug the shore. Listen to the birds who sing about the awesomeness of life. Listen to the lullabies of night which fill your eyes with sleepiness. In everywhere you’ll see nothing but worth of living.

I know you’ll ask me “why are you only talking about the bright side of the life? It has a dark side as well. What about the sorrows and disappointments which grieves our heart?” Of course yes. It has a dark side as well. But food is delicious after you’ve suffered from hunger. "Difference" is the thing which created by the nature to make us understand about the value of something.

Awesomeness of life is like the fully lighten moon. Sometimes it’s covered by the clouds. When clouds are gone away again it lightens as usual. At that moment we forget that it was covered few minutes back. And still if you can’t see it, maybe it’s because of the angle you see. Maybe something covers your sight. What you have to do is run for a place where you can see it clearly.

This life is gifted to us by heaven. Let go of sorrow and grief. Live it to the fullest. Believe me it really is awesome.


fading footsteps
on the ground
right beside me
rushing wings
make dusty winds
that make them fade away

flashbacks come into play
as dreams in hollow nights
laughters, words all are echoing
couldn't make out
which of them were fake.......

faces are peeping
from corners of memories
colors of them
either black or white

rush again
wings of time
portraits remain
but colors have changed.......

Note back-

Read this only after reading the thing which is above.Because in here I'm going to tell you that what my idea was when I wrote this.
In this thing, i have tried to draw a parallel line to lines which are in different angles. In other words my effort was to find out the equality of the different experiences of all of us. Through out our lives different people come to our lives. As friends, as lovers or as someone else. In all these cases what we do is judging them as black or white and give our trust to them according to the color. But as time passes, this people and the impressions they have created in our minds change like everything on this earth... Then all of them finally become memories. After that no matter whatever the color they showed to you was either black or white.That's life...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lonely Lover….

In a dark night

suddenly appeared a strange face

which took my heart at first sight

your lips showed signs of a smile

while your hazel eyes sang to my heart

since that night

I breathe your life

Felt by heart

Love summons my life

Though you were melody of someone’s life

I just can’t get you out of my mind

I’m gonna live with that

memories behind

assuredly it is

enough for my life…..