Friday, January 23, 2009


fading footsteps
on the ground
right beside me
rushing wings
make dusty winds
that make them fade away

flashbacks come into play
as dreams in hollow nights
laughters, words all are echoing
couldn't make out
which of them were fake.......

faces are peeping
from corners of memories
colors of them
either black or white

rush again
wings of time
portraits remain
but colors have changed.......

Note back-

Read this only after reading the thing which is above.Because in here I'm going to tell you that what my idea was when I wrote this.
In this thing, i have tried to draw a parallel line to lines which are in different angles. In other words my effort was to find out the equality of the different experiences of all of us. Through out our lives different people come to our lives. As friends, as lovers or as someone else. In all these cases what we do is judging them as black or white and give our trust to them according to the color. But as time passes, this people and the impressions they have created in our minds change like everything on this earth... Then all of them finally become memories. After that no matter whatever the color they showed to you was either black or white.That's life...

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