Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are the one to make the move

I’m gonna tell you a little story. This is an incident which someone I know has faced. He doesn’t like to being mentioned by his real name. So let’s call him JV right?

One day he was waiting for a bus at a bus halt. It was a busy time so the halt was crowded and the road was full of vehicles. And JV was desperate to get a bus because he was late for his class. Suddenly there came a bunch of cyclists who were training for the cycling season which was drawing closer. And right at that moment an old man who seemed like a beggar had wanted to cross the road. So it happened. Old man was at the middle of the road when the first cyclist hit him. CRASH..!!! Both of them fell on the road and were followed by the other cyclists because their brakes failed stopping them that quick. I’ve already told you that they came as a bunch. So they were lying on the road, moaning in pain. This happened few yards away from the bus halt. The entire crowd who were there shocked but was staring at them. It was a morning so we can imagine the reason for their reluctance. They all were people who were leaving for their working places and they didn’t need to be late. So no one made the move but my friend did. Despite being late to the class he went there, helped them to get up and removed cycles from the road to let the vehicles which were blocked there to go.

All the time plenty of people are there who need our help. And a lot of people are always there who can help but most of them never do. And the people who feel like helping are reluctant to make the first move at most of the times. They think it’s better to let someone to come and help first (sometimes you would have experienced incidents like this)

So these are the times which a simple action can do a lot. And it’s our responsibility to help them out.

You are the one who can make the move. So that the others will follow you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Existing without vitality

Sun comes up
and races towards the horizon
time’s got wings
never thinks about a bit slowing down

hands are moving
rupees* are floating
those will fall on the ground
if you slow down

eyes are distracted
people are chasing the mirage
dark circles can’t stop them
which are around their eyes

I’m existing
without a sense of vitality
running feet tread me
but heart’s still beating
with warm hopes…..

Rupee*= currency unit of Sri Lanka