Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are the one to make the move

I’m gonna tell you a little story. This is an incident which someone I know has faced. He doesn’t like to being mentioned by his real name. So let’s call him JV right?

One day he was waiting for a bus at a bus halt. It was a busy time so the halt was crowded and the road was full of vehicles. And JV was desperate to get a bus because he was late for his class. Suddenly there came a bunch of cyclists who were training for the cycling season which was drawing closer. And right at that moment an old man who seemed like a beggar had wanted to cross the road. So it happened. Old man was at the middle of the road when the first cyclist hit him. CRASH..!!! Both of them fell on the road and were followed by the other cyclists because their brakes failed stopping them that quick. I’ve already told you that they came as a bunch. So they were lying on the road, moaning in pain. This happened few yards away from the bus halt. The entire crowd who were there shocked but was staring at them. It was a morning so we can imagine the reason for their reluctance. They all were people who were leaving for their working places and they didn’t need to be late. So no one made the move but my friend did. Despite being late to the class he went there, helped them to get up and removed cycles from the road to let the vehicles which were blocked there to go.

All the time plenty of people are there who need our help. And a lot of people are always there who can help but most of them never do. And the people who feel like helping are reluctant to make the first move at most of the times. They think it’s better to let someone to come and help first (sometimes you would have experienced incidents like this)

So these are the times which a simple action can do a lot. And it’s our responsibility to help them out.

You are the one who can make the move. So that the others will follow you.


  1. Yeah, simple actions makes extraordinary people out people who we might not notice other wise.

  2. hey its so nice of u ... making the move by writing about making the move..! as the quote goes “Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold -- but so does a hard-boiled egg.”
    Well done man

  3. @ Sudaththa

    yeah men.I totally agree with you.Thanks a lot for giving me courage by visiting here.

    @ Keheliya

    Yeah.Only intentions are not enough.But you can get the real value of intentions out by making the move.
    Thanks a lot. Hope to see you again!

  4. hey viks..
    by any chance, is JV -> inverted VJ ? :)
    seen this many a time, even i have done that (waiting for someone to make the move)
    there have been so many reasons for that.
    but i have to add,
    many occasions where i have made the move, i was criticized, maybe i made a mistake somewhere in the helping process. This is the main reason which makes me wait for someone else to make the move!

    sad but true

  5. Hi Pranavan,
    Oh..I think the name is not important :)
    Yeah what you've mentioned is true at sometimes. But I think the best thing we can do is not to listen to criticism but to follow our heart.People can say anything they like.If your intentions are pure,if you have enough strength, it's your turn. Don't look back :)
    Thanks for commenting and I appreciate your ideas always.

  6. its very Inspirational machan....
    Ya u hav the point thr...In a simmilar situation there are enough people who have the potential but they just don't wanna be the first person to do it......ryt?
    So in the next time when this happens in front of our eyes, hey let's remember JV and do what we can do!!!.....keep writing bro....just love reading 'em.... great work

  7. You are very right. In psychology we call this the bystander effect. We assume that others will help instead of us, and this can often end in no one helping. I hope this changes.

  8. hey Vikum, yesterday i visited your site to chk whether this is up... but i saw something else.. i couldnt comment on that..
    anyways u hv ur point here and hope u kno my view point towards this... so no need to talk about it..
    just wanna make a point on ur blog...
    i feel this story telling way is very orthodox style of writing. having read ur previous posts, i think better if u can come up with ur own style which had lot of color in language (specially prose style...)

    nevertheless ideas are always perfect ...
    good luck with ur blogging .....

    PS: Pranavan I too inverted it at the first glance.. later saw ur comment ..hehe...grt minds think alike....

  9. Great story vikum. U r absolutely write.Even i smtimes afraid to make a move. And i'm sure i will not hesitate next time.
    Thnx bro

  10. @ Sasanka
    It's my pleasure that you've found it inspiring.And I'm sure that you are going to do that in next time too.
    Thanks you've inspired me just now.

    @ Seb,
    Thanks for coming here and for sharing your knowledge on bystander effect.I've never known that.You made me curious and now I'm gonna learn about that too.

    @ Channa,
    Your comments make me grow and I'll try my best to add some more color to my writings at next time.
    Thanks for your honest ideas.

    @ Sunera,
    I'm really glad that you ain't going to hesitate at next time.Thanks for encouraging me.

  11. I've seen people stand there and gawk when another person is in need of help. Sometimes I think they are just too shocked to make a move. Then again, there are others who just won't help another person out. Everybody needs to remember we're all on this planet together and sometimes we need to lend a helping hand.

  12. Hi Melissa,
    That's true.If we can remember that I'm sure that everybody will care about others.
    Thanks for taking your time to comment in here :)

  13. Hi Vikum! How are you doing? It's good to hear this story about your friend. We need more people like him these days.