Friday, January 23, 2009

Life is awesome

“Life is awesome.” I see this simple sentence as the status message of one of my closest comrades’. “Yeah it is always”. That’s what my mind says when I see it.

See the sun who kisses the earth with his golden rays and see the flowers and trees which come into life when he kissed them. See the great green waters which hug the shore. Listen to the birds who sing about the awesomeness of life. Listen to the lullabies of night which fill your eyes with sleepiness. In everywhere you’ll see nothing but worth of living.

I know you’ll ask me “why are you only talking about the bright side of the life? It has a dark side as well. What about the sorrows and disappointments which grieves our heart?” Of course yes. It has a dark side as well. But food is delicious after you’ve suffered from hunger. "Difference" is the thing which created by the nature to make us understand about the value of something.

Awesomeness of life is like the fully lighten moon. Sometimes it’s covered by the clouds. When clouds are gone away again it lightens as usual. At that moment we forget that it was covered few minutes back. And still if you can’t see it, maybe it’s because of the angle you see. Maybe something covers your sight. What you have to do is run for a place where you can see it clearly.

This life is gifted to us by heaven. Let go of sorrow and grief. Live it to the fullest. Believe me it really is awesome.


  1. Machan Vikum,

    Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.
    - Danny Kaye

    Welcome to the blogsphere. I have no words to express my happiness after seeing your initiative.
    Let me share some thoughts, great people wanted us to know...

    Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.
    - Benjamin Disraeli

    Let me wish you success in every dream you have, blogs, humanity and beyond...

    Learn and grow all you can; serve and befriend all you can; enrich and inspire all you can.

  2. "Life is awesome, Times like this should never end!!"
    yeah we all know who say that. Ironic indeed i guess.
    But yea, it's all about time and the angle we are at.
    the world is not flat u see, and it's revolving too.
    so it will take time for one to see what the other is experiencing.
    yet, this has become such a materialistic world.
    the beauty of everything is being covered, sadly.

    we just have to hope that THINKING PARKs like these would enable people to see the beauty in life once again!

    well done Vikum, and keep going!

  3. "The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through."
    -Jackson Pollock

    Excellent work machan...The organization of the blog is awesome..The first picture took my eyes..Its really relaxing ....And Wow ...Lot of great ideas you have ..And the way of presenting them.... NO words to express macho.....
    Gud luck.. Keep it going...

  4. @ Galpotha,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in here and for every help you've done in forming this blog.
    May your blog go to the success day by day as well as your life.KIT

    @ NPP,

    Thanks for your comment machan.You're always having nice ideas like that.It's true that the beauty of the world is being covered most of the times. We need to uncover it.So that we'll feel life is worth living.
    And refer to your last sentence, I'm trying my best to accomplish it :)

    @ Ashan,

    Absolutely true machan.That's what I'm trying to do most of the times.
    And thanks a lot for dropping by. Your words are really encouraging.

  5. Oya channage ad eka machan... Ganan ganna epa... :)

  6. ya ayya.first i wish you all da best.Really your creatoin is marvelous.I appreciate ur ideas 'bout life.I also can't understand why some say that life is worth living.The thing is that to understand the lively feeling of life you have to undergo sufferings too.If one person is fed up with sorrows n sufferings little bit of good thing of life will enough for him to feel really the value of life.and he'll be satisfied wi' what he another person who had never come across any failures n sorrow in his life smetimes may never satisfied with wht he gt in life.And he may never really feel the my idea is to feel the real life you hav to feel the sorrow as well as joy in ur life.Then u wil b able to understand the real feeling of this lovable life.....Weldone ayya.Itz nice to be the nangi of you

  7. Awesome! :-) Vikum, this is Jocelyn from Just dropping by and glad to read from your blog. Keep it up!

  8. Hi Jocelyn, Thanks a lot for dropping by and for your encouragements.

  9. Hi Vikum,

    What a lovely post! Life is indeed awesome, as are people. I love the whole feel of your blog - very positive, pensive, and full of love for life. And the photos are lovely - very well chosen for the post topic. Awesome!

  10. Daphne, Thanks a lot about the positive ideas which you've about my blog.Thanks a lot about your visit.

  11. You're not telling me anything new. I totally agree with you. Life is awesome. I recently read a saying that went something like this, "The sun is always shining, but sometimes the clouds get in the way".

  12. Life is awesome!.. As Vikum said at the moment the moon is covered with clouds..
    Even if I cant remove the clouds and see the moon again, I pray and hope the moon to be shining bright as ever....

    BTW I commented about the blog personally, anyways once again im attracted to your theme . good luck with your work

  13. @ Barbara,
    Thanks for the comments.Hope to see you again.

    @ ldcpgrc,
    Thanks for visiting me here and for the wishes. May your moon be shining bright as ever.

  14. Awsome is a word that everyone does not hear every day, but it rings with such intensity! Awsome resonates joy and energy that invite readers to share in what you are saying. Thanks!